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Batshuayi responds to FIFA: Love always wins

Michy Batshuayi has responded to FIFA’s strict rules on wearing rainbow colours in Qatar.

This year’s World Cup has been one like no other; the laws of Qatar have caused national teams to try and protest in any way they can to make their stances clear on inclusion and anti-discrimination.

Players from several European nations were set on wearing a ‘One Love’ armband, which was believed to be in support of the LGBT+ community, as homosexuality is not only illegal in Qatar but can be punishable by imprisonment and death by stoning.

FIFA banned captains from wearing the armband and threatened in-game sanctions, like receiving a yellow card.

Supporters in Doha have been refused entry to stadiums for wearing anything even remotely rainbow-coloured.

Batshuayi responds to FIFA ruling

They also forced Belgium to remove the word “love” from the collar of their away shirt.

After their World Cup opener today, match-winner Batshuayi took to Twitter to respond to the ruling, saying: “No problem, LOVE always wins.”

No problem, LOVE always wins ????? https://t.co/gPEWSZRHEQ

— Michy Batshuayi (@mbatshuayi) November 23, 2022


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