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Arsenal chief Edu reveals he walked away from transfer talks with Borussia Dortmund player

Arsenal director Edu has opened up about his work in the transfer market this summer, revealing that he walked away from talks with an unnamed Borussia Dortmund player.

The Brazilian insists he only wants the right characters at Arsenal, and he spoke to The Athletic about a player who seemed more interested in his contract and his wages, leading the Gunners chief to decide the move wouldn’t be right for the club.

Edu also admits in the video below that talks with players and their families are important in order to work out whether they’ll be the right fit for Arsenal, and that means sometimes rejecting potential signings…

? “There’s still things to do. The transfer window is open.”

Edu Gaspar on the summer transfer window for Arsenal.?


— Connor Humm (@TikiTakaConnor) July 25, 2022

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“Face to face — I go there, I meet the player, if I have to travel to Germany, anywhere. I want to see the player, the agent, the family, put everyone together and say, ‘Guys, listen to me and what I want to say’,” Edu told The Athletic.

“And then I sell what we are doing, our project. Because it works both ways, doesn’t it? I want to show them, but I want to see as well if they want to enjoy because if I smell something wrong (then) thank you very much, I go (and don’t sign them).

“I faced an experience like this, for a player in Dortmund. I started to talk to them, engage the player, talk to the family, but always, ‘Yeah, but what about my contract?’.

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