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Barcelona president dreams of one signing next summer

Barcelona are enjoying an incredible transfer window this summer but their president Joan Laporta is continuing to think big ahead of next year. 

That entails the return of Lionel Messi, as Laporta hopes to bring back the Catalan side’s greatest ever player after his unexpected departure for Paris Saint-Germain last summer.

The La Liga side were unable to register Messi to their squad due to their financial difficulties and as a result, the Argentine was forced to leave and it is unclear whether the two’s relationship is good after the ordeal – with many expecting it to be bad at present.

However, Laporta thinks he can turn that around and bring the 35-year-old back to Camp Nou after his contract expires in Paris next summer; which would be an incredible story, but whether that is possible or if Messi even wants to return, will be seen over the course of the next year.

Laporta wants to bring Lionel Messi back to Barcelona
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What did Laporta say about Messi’s Barcelona return?

‘I don’t believe Messi’s chapter at Barcelona is over,’ Laporta told ESPN.

‘And I believe it is our responsibility to make sure that chapter is still open, that it hasn’t closed.

‘If I feel like I owe him one? Yes.

‘Morally, as the president of Barcelona, I think I did what needed to be done. But also as Barcelona’s president, and personally, I believe I owe him one.’

This year is a big one for Messi, as he approaches what could be his last World Cup. That is one of his main focuses at present along with PSG and no thought will have gone into a return to Barcelona. Laporta feels he can bring the Argentine back but with the signings the La Liga club have just made, it maybe best to move on from that chapter in their history and continue to look forward.


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