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Man City should sign Paul Pogba ‘in a heartbeat’, as Redknapp clashes with Carragher over controversial move

Jamie Redknapp wants to see Paul Pogba making an “incredible” move from Manchester United to Manchester City and even thinks it would be a “no brainer”.

Pogba will be out of contract with Manchester United at the end of the season. It is fair to say his second spell with the club has not gone to plan after what was at the time a world-record transfer in 2016.

Fans and pundits have often been divided about what he is bringing to the team and that remains the case as his time with the club nears its end.

Where he ends up remains up for question, but there have been rumours recently about what would be an extraordinary move – to none other than Manchester City.

The path across the city is not well trodden, but several sources have indicated there is a chance it could happen. It would no doubt cause controversy.

But according to Sky Sports pundit Redknapp, the transfer would “make sense” for everyone concerned.

Redknapp said after Sky‘s coverage of City’s win over Newcastle: “It’d be an incredible move. I think it’d be one that I – have to be honest – wouldn’t have seen coming.

“But you have to weigh it up. Free transfer, he’d have a point to prove, because he’s took a lot of stick while he’s been at United.

“I’ve always watched Pep [Guardiola], he’s been funny. There’s a few times I’ve watched games where United are sitting; he always goes over to him, they have a bit of dialogue. He obviously respects him as a player.

“There was talk a few years ago that he might have gone for him. Now, a player of his quality, no matter what you say about Paul Pogba, as a free transfer – high wages of course, but that’s not a problem for Man City – you would take him in a heartbeat.

“He adds a lot to this team. I think he’d be hungry to come and show what he can do. He lives in the area. I think it’d be an incredible move, it’d be a brave move, but I’d love to see that in the Premier League.

“I think it’d make sense all round.”

However, fellow pundit Jamie Carragher is of the opposite opinion. He responded by arguing Pogba does not have the appropriate work rate to succeed in a Guardiola…


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