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Jurgen Klopp comments on how his new contract could impact Liverpool futures of Mo Salah, Sadio Mane

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp does not believe his new deal will be the deciding factor on whether the likes of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane commit their long-term futures to the club.

The pair, along with Roberto Firmino and midfielder Naby Keita, have contracts which expire next summer and negotiations have dragged on for some time.

With Klopp now staying until 2026, there is a greater degree of security at the club but the German is not convinced that will make a huge difference to individual players’ decisions.

“That is more a question for the boys, what it exactly means for them but all fine, my relationship with them is great,” he said.

“My point is in life there are more important things to think about, not only who is the manager but knowing who the manager and coaching staff is is important thing because when you know what you have with other clubs where you could go, you don’t know exactly.

“There is no 100 per cent in this business but I think it is pretty likely I will stay for a little bit longer because other coaches are there at other clubs.

“If it is a positive sign for the boys, great, but I don’t think this will be the one decisive thing for whatever decision they want to make.

“It is their own life but we just wanted to guarantee that everyone who wants to be here knows what he can expect.”

Salah’s contract negotiations have dragged on for several months now, with the Egypt international stressing last week the delay was “not about money at all”.

However, whether the guarantee of working with Klopp for the final peak years of his career will be persuasive enough for him to accept a Liverpool offer below a reported £400,000-plus a week remains to be seen.

No problem if players want to leave Liverpool

But whichever way that decision goes Klopp will not hold it against him or any other player who sees their future elsewhere.

Asked whether players in the past had spoken to him about his own future before committing theirs, Klopp added: “That happened as well. I don’t judge loyalty because of these kind of things.

“From my side yes, if I commit, I commit but I know a player’s career is 15 years and I have…


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