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Brazilian youngster Danilo Oliveira ‘needs to play’ in Premier League; Arsenal, Man Utd namechecked

Danilo Oliveira is a ‘complete player’ who ‘needs to play’ for a club like Arsenal or Manchester United, according to his Palmeiras teammate, Dudu.

At just 20 years of age, Oliveira is already beginning to show his qualities in Brazil. The youngster has played 96 games for Palmeiras, and has contributed to 14 goals.

He played the full 120 minutes in the Club World Cup final defeat against Chelsea. He also starred in the Campeonato Paulista final second-leg against Sao Paulo, after missing the first-leg.

The midfielder made up for his absence, scoring the first goal in a 4-0 victory, which meant his team won 5-3 on aggregate. Clearly, Danilo is both a trusted and talented star, especially for his age.

Furthermore, he has been linked to some big teams, who want him to take the next step in his career. Arsenal have been heavily linked, and Leeds have also cropped up.

Danilo’s teammate, Dudu, feels the youngster is ready for that next step, and namechecked some sides he can see him playing for.

“For me, he’s a crack who needs to play in the Premier League,” he told ESPN.

“He’s a boy who gives his life, who plays, defends.”

“I always tell him: ‘You have to play at Manchester United, at Arsenal. It’s at those clubs. But you have to be calm, you have to have your head in place’.”

Clearly, Danilo is seen as a massive star, and seems like a player that will have a bright future ahead of him.

Dudu thinks Danilo is a ‘complete player’

It is clear that Dudu thinks very highly of Danilo, given the reference to some of the biggest clubs in England.

Indeed, he feels Danilo has some fantastic qualities, which make him a complete player.

“He’s a player who helps, who marks, who arrives in the attack, who builds plays for the offensive midfielders, who helps in defending,” Dudu said.

“I think for me, he is one of the complete players, defensive midfielders, that we have in Brazilian football. We’re lucky that we have him in our team.”

It seems as if Palmeiras have a fantastic talent on their hands. Whether or not they will be able to keep him amid Premier League interest is another question, though.

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