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Ben Chilwell in animal welfare controversy

Ben Chilwell has been challenged by the RSPCA, after footage was released of the Chelsea star engaging in a tug-of-war event with a tiger.

Chilwell is seen with a group of people, pulling a rope that is being held by a tiger, as seen in the video below.

Pictures from The Sun.

Ben Chilwell has been challenged by animal welfare chiefs over a tug-of-war challenge with a tiger

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The RSPCA have commented on the incident, saying: “We don’t feel this activity promotes respect for these wild animals and should not be marketed for public entertainment. Zoos often state that their aim is to educate the public and have a positive influence on visitor behaviour in ways that will directly benefit conversation. Whilst we understand zoos which do this may feel that a ‘tug-of-war’ provides physical enrichment for big cats, there are many alternative ways of doing this,” as reported by The Sun.

The concerns from the RSPCA are more aimed towards the Zoo in question, rather than Chilwell himself.

Although the Chelsea defender is involved, he’s merely taking part in an activity promoted by the Zoo. Of course, he should know better, but the RSPCA are aiming their concerns at the root of the problem.

Chelsea fans may be concerned over Chilwell taking part in these activities for multiple reasons. Not only concern for the welfare of the animal, but the left-back is currently recovering from a knee injury, and a tug-of-war with a tiger certainly isn’t part of his physio program.


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