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Manchester United dream managerial candidate named

Reports suggest that Julian Nagelsmann is the dream candidate for Manchester United, but it’s unlikely he would join the club.

Ralf Rangnick was only appointed to manage the side until the end of this current season, continuing behind the scenes next year, after the club appoint a new manager.

One Sky Sports source revealed: “In an ideal world, Julian Nagelsmann would walk into the club this summer,” however, he doesn’t seem to be willing to join an unstable club like Manchester United.

Joining Manchester City or Liverpool after Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp depart, are the most likely destinations for the current Bayer Munich manager.

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Understandably, a manager of Nagelsmann’s calibre doesn’t want to join Manchester United in their current state, especially whilst he is sat top of the Bundesliga, and still in the Champions League.

The Manchester club will be targeting more realistic options, such as Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Hag. The former could be sacked in the near future after recent results.

Ten Hag could be easier to attract, due to the history and stature of Manchester United being a huge attraction. Although this appeal does apply to other managers, Ten Hag hasn’t managed in a top league before.



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