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Juventus may give up on Paulo Dybala extension to sign Paul Pogba

It’s clearly dreadful business for Manchester United if they manage to lose Paul Pogba for no transfer fee for the second time, but you do have to wonder if it might actually be the best way forward for United.

He’s about to turn 29 and it’s hard to believe that he wouldn’t be looking for a long-term contract with a massive weekly salary, so it’s likely that this deal will take him beyond his prime years and look like more of a burden as time goes on.

United also have the problem where the current squad isn’t built in a way that allows the team to be built around the French star, so it’s not hard to see a scenario where he wouldn’t be used properly but the salary commitment would mean he needs to play.

One possible outcome could see him return to Italy with Juventus, but a report from Tuttosport has introduced an interesting wrinkle to this story with the involvement of Paulo Dybala.

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The Argentine forward’s contract is set to expire at the end of this season per ESPN and it doesn’t sound like a renewal is close, so the reports from Italy are starting to indicate that they might just give up on him and assign that salary towards the re-signing of Pogba instead.

Pogba was outstanding during his time in Serie A before so the league clearly suits him, while it also looks like Juve could allow him to play to his strengths and look more like the midfielder that plays for France rather than the version we see at Old Trafford.

It could also get even more interesting if Dybala hits the market as he’s a striker who would improve this Man United attack, so it could even favour both clubs in the long run if a free-agent swap of sorts happened.



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