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New European Super League launched today

Ten clubs will be launching a new attempt at the European Super League later today, according to reports.

Not all the names involved last time are being mentioned this time, with just ten teams seemingly behind this revamped project, which would also bring slightly different rules from the closed-shop format that failed so spectacularly last year.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool are the Premier League sides involved, though Arsenal and Tottenham’s names have not been mentioned on this occasion.

Elsewhere, we would also see Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from La Liga, as well as Serie A trio Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.

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The changed format would seemingly allow for some form of promotion and relegation from the league, though details are not entirely clear at the moment.

It is seemingly set to be launched at some point later today, and one imagines it will be as unpopular as it was when protests quickly derailed the project last year.


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