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David Moyes faces Zouma backlash

Things really are going from bad to worse for West Ham off the pitch at present.

Once Kurt Zouma’s diabolical cat abuse video was made public, the best thing the club could’ve done was distance themselves from it and then heavily sanction the player and suspend him.

The East Londoners have done nothing of the sort and, as a result, the issue is still front and centre in what’s fast become a PR disaster for the club.

Indeed, since the story broke, it’s believed that West Ham’s supporters have joined in with opposition fans in booing Zouma’s name when announced at the start of games.

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When David Moyes selected him for the first game after the story made headline news, there was widespread disbelief, but the Scot attempted to distance himself from the matter saying that it wasn’t a football issue.

David Moyes

His insinuation was that the club would be dealing with it, and he would continue to pick the player based on merit.

Whether or not the decision was a popular one didn’t appear to faze Moyes, though his latest words on the matter might come back to haunt him.

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“We should not allow this to blight anything which has gone on before,” he said to Sky Sports on Sunday, cited by BBC Sport.

A player has made a mistake and there are plenty of managers with players who have made mistakes.

“Somewhere along the line you always hope there is a little bit of forgiveness and people are willing to accept they made a mistake, given an apology and we hope that is the case

“[…] I hope that we have changed a bit of how West Ham is perceived, but more importantly how it is perceived on the pitch. We have a good, exciting young team that we are trying to make it better and grow it.

“Off the field West Ham have improved greatly as well, done great work round the East End of London, we have loads of new young supporters coming to West Ham…


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