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Ralf Rangnick won’t be happy with this pundit

It’s an accepted fact that pundits are paid for giving their opinions, which sometimes are so left field they instantly spark debate.

That can often be healthy, but the occasional point of view is so out of kilter with popular opinion as to be eyebrow raising to put it politely.

This season hasn’t been the best for Manchester United, and the Red Devils don’t look like they’ve had too much of a new manager bounce since Ralf Rangnick took over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the first-team hot-seat.

However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will United be.

Rangnick needs to be allowed time to implement his methods and to bring in the type of players that he believes will get the results that everyone connected with the club desires.

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Rangnick appears to have pedigree, and seemingly has often been cited as being a huge influence on the likes of Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsmann amongst others.

From a coaching perspective then, if he isn’t peerless, Rangnick does appear to be in the hugely well respected bracket.

Though not if your name is Perry Groves.

The former Arsenal star now makes a living as a pundit on talkSPORT, and his claim that Rangnick is not an elite manager – with the players potentially having worked that out and won’t therefore be working their socks off for him – is utterly preposterous.

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Man United’s stars are lacking confidence, that’s obvious, and they do need guidance.

A few games in is no time to judge the new manager, however. He needs at least the six months he’s promised in the role, if not longer if he decides not to move upstairs.

Groves has made a bit of a fool of himself here.

? “Ralf Rangnick is not an elite manager. The players are thinking it.”

? “What’s he won? The cup at Schalke and the Intertoto at Stuttgart…”

Perry Groves says #MUFC boss Ralf Rangnick is…


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