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Edouard Mendy called Benjamin Mendy again on Prime

Edouard Mendy will have to deal with being misnamed once again as the presenter on Amazon Prime referred to the Chelsea goalkeeper as disgraced Manchester City star Benjamin Mendy.

The Blues stopper hit out after suffering the same unjust embarrassment only a couple of weeks ago, when his image was used in a picture regarding Benjamin.

Presenter Simon Thomas was reading off a stat about Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale only being behind Edouard in save percentage, when he named the Chelsea man Benjamin in front of a startled Patrice Evra, as well as Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer.

Manchester City defender Mendy is currently in custody, having been charged with six counts of rape and also sexual assault, per BBC Sport.

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Can confirm he did. Absolutely disgraceful, why does this happen time after time with Mendy? @primevideosport https://t.co/HR2gLFxFGI pic.twitter.com/dF3DA51nVR

— Nischal Schwager-Patel (@Nischal_SP) December 2, 2021

Look at Patrice Evra’s face when the Amazon Prime Host gets Edouard Mendy and the Nonce Benjamin confused ?#notallblackpeoplelookalike pic.twitter.com/zE83MXNgYD

— ragii (@ragiiofficial) December 2, 2021

Did this fool just say “Benjamin Mendy” ? …. Evra’s reaction is willing me ??? #MUNARS pic.twitter.com/DH3LdQgAiH

— Jay Official®? (@JayJson) December 2, 2021

Pictures from Amazon Prime Video Sport.

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Simon Thomas is an experienced broadcaster, having been with Sky Sports for some time before returning to work with Prime recently, given the circumstances this blunder just isn’t on.


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