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Richard Keys calls Steven Gerrard a thief over Aston Villa job

The speed at which Steven Gerrard’s appointment at Aston Villa was concluded undoubtedly surprised everyone, with the former Rangers manager installed within a couple of days of the Premier League side’s first approach.

The move almost certainly represents another stepping stone for Gerrard before taking over at Liverpool once Jurgen Klopp steps aside.

It will certainly be interesting to see how well he copes with being back in England. Although the pressure will have also been incessant in Scotland, with the greatest respect, it’s not quite the same.

Fans of Rangers might not have been too happy at how they’ve been left in the lurch either.

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Broadcaster, Richard Keys, has weighed in on the controversy too, suggesting on his personal blog that Gerrard was a “thief in the night” for taking the job as he did.

The outburst sounds like another attempt from the former breakfast TV presenter to appear relevant.

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Keys’ attempts at trying to be taken seriously are, frankly, embarrassing, and there’s a reason why he has to ply his trade in Qatar with beIN Sports.

Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet. Less is more and all that.


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